Parameter Description Unit Value
PeriodCreate Registration period years 1-1
PeriodRenew Renewal period years 1-1
DelaiRenewBeforeExpiration Allowed renewal period before expiration date days 60
DelaiRenewAfterExpiration Renewal Grace Period: Allowed renewal period after expiration date days 30
DelaiRestoreAfterDelete Redemption Grace Period: Allowed restore period after deletion days 0
HasEppCode Does the tld support EPP code / Authorization code ?   NO
HasRegistrarLock Does the tld support the Registrar-lock feature ?   NO
HasAutorenew Does the tld support the autorenewal feature ?   YES
HasWhoisPrivacy Does the tld support the whois privacy feature ?   YES
HasMultipleCheck Does the domaincheck function allow multidomains ?   NO
HasImmediateDelete Does the tld support immediate deletion ?   NO
HasTrusteeService Does the tld support the trustee service ?   NO
HasLocalContactService Does the tld support the local contact service ?   NO
HasZonecheck Does a DNS test mandatory ?   YES