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The Reseller can define a lot of settings and functionalities into his account in section 'Reseller' >> 'Settings'



Public informations

You can add your logo so we can use it for white label. We will use yours instead of ours when possible. (e.g: when the customer must communicate his authorization code for a .BE domain name)

Following informations will be used to declare you as a Reseller in certain whois and Registries. More informations about the white label


Default Auto-renewal

When a domain name or hosting service is registered through your Reseller account, it is possible to set the auto-renewal by default or not.

Caution: As each service has its own autorenewal status, it doesn't apply on existing services



Notifications to the reseller

You can define if you want to receive the "operations" notifications and "renewal reminders" and define the email address we should use for this.

You can also define a treshold for your prepayed account, if your account's balance go below the specified treshold, you will be notified.


Notifications to your Customers

In some situtations (WRDP procedure, ...), we need to send an email to the domain name's owner or contacts. For the white label, you can define the sending email address as well as the message signature.


WRDP procedure

This section allow you to define a custom message for WRDP notification (Whois Data Reminder Policy) sent to domain name's owners. The latter must indicate the means to contact you to update their data. More informations about the white label


Domain names

Default Contacts

The contacts defined here will be suggested by default when ordering on our website or in the web interface's forms if you use them to manage your domain names ('Reseller' >> 'Api domain')


Premium domain name processing

This section allows you to define how premium domain name registrations will be handled.


If the domain is defined as premium, we will apply the following behaviour according to your choice:

Immediate reject: The operation will be rejected immediatly 
Confirmation by email: We will send an email to your notification address in order to ask your approval for the premium pricing
Immediate validation: The operation will be processed immediatly


Default DNS name servers

The DNS name servers supplied here will be suggested by default when ordering on our website or in the web interface's forms if you use them to manage your domain names ('Reseller' >> 'Api domain')


Custom DNS name servers

You can define your own DNS name servers which will be used as aliases for our servers. It reinforces your professionalism while continuing to use our DNS service. More informations about the white label


Default DNS template

You can define here a DNS configuration that will be used by default for your domain names.

To create a template, edit an existing domain name and save your template see : This tutorial

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