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The following guide will help you understand how to request an SMTP account and configure your mail client with the SMTP settings.


Warning.gif Prerequisites

Be careful : To have an SMTP account, you need a hosting with Plesk Netim.

Be careful : For security reasons, SMTP access is not set by default. Once you have created your hosting service, you must make the request for your SMTP account.

Be careful : The SMTP provided by Netim is only for nomad use and not for mass-mailing, any abusive use will lead to the SMTP account's suspension.

Fleche.gif The request for SMTP Access

Log on Netim Direct section "Hosting services" >> "Hosting Management", from here, open the scrolling menu "Hosting management", select "Request SMTP"


After that you must wait for the validation and the creation of your file.

Once your application accepted, an email will be sent with your settings and connection identifiers.


IMPORTANT : Regardless of the domain name, the smtp address is : "".

Fleche.gif SMTP Software configuration

You must have or create an email account for each email address you want to configure. When you send an email, you can choose which is the account issuer Mail.

In the settings for each mail account, you must enter information such as :

   Full Name
   Mail Server
   Email Address

Setting example :

   Netim SUPPORT

Additional information: smtp port is 25 and port access pop is 110. You should not activate the "secure connection", but still identify you.

Fleche.gif Setting smtp to your php forms

The implementation of form in your php pages do not require the application of an SMTP account, each of our Plesk servers has an integrated SMTP service. You can configure your code in localhost.

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