Renewal / Restoration of a domain name

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A domain name must be renewed before its expiration date (9 PM Paris time) because, according to the corresponding registry, if the expiration is over the domain name can be either removed, desactivated, put in quarantine/redemption status, ...

We manage four key dates about the life cycle of each domain object

dateExpiration Expiration date of the domain name YYYY-MM-DD
dateMinRenew Minimum date before the next renewal YYYY-MM-DD
dateMaxRenew Maximum renewal date before the deletion YYYY-MM-DD
dateMaxRestore Maximum restoration date YYYY-MM-DD

Also different periods applied between each phase are described in the extension informations.

Renewal of a domain name

It is possible to renew a domain name from the dateMinRenew with the function domainRenew or via the interface Renew a domain name

The date of expiry, if the domain is still not renewed Netim determines the date by which the renewal can still be done and stores this information in the dateMaxRenew.

Renewal may be made ​​from dateMinRenew and no later than dateMaxRenew (21:00 Paris Time)

The renewal period is also variable with a minimum and a maximum defined by extension. See PeriodRenew in[[:Category:Tld]

Restoration of a domain name

A domain name must be restored if it has been deleted by the registry and put into the redemption/quarantine status. During this status, the domain is not longer into the zone on Internet and can't be transfered or updated. However it can be restored and, thus, renewed for one year.

The day of the dateMaxRenew date, Netim determines the date until when the restoration can still be performed, according to the regulations of the corresponding tld, and stores this information in the dateMaxRestore data of the domain object.

The restoration can be made ​​from dateMaxRenew+1 and not later than dateMaxRestore (21:00 Paris Time)

It is possible to restore a domain name with the function domainRestore or via the interface Renew a domain name from your account

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