Renew a domain name from the reminder email

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This tutorial will help you to renew your services after the receipt of an expiration email reminder.

When the expiration date is getting close, we automatically create an order form and send you a reminder email:

- D-30 before the expiration day

- D-15 days

- D-7 days

- D-3 days

- the day of expiration

Example of a mail reminder:

21/09/2007 06:00
Dear customer,
Your domain name expires in less than 30 days.
To continue to benefit you must renew it on time!  

To facilitate this renewal, we created the purchase order No. 2006026606. This command may optionally include other services expires at the same time  and can be seen directly at:

You can also view this order form in your personal space,
provided with your access codes, at
heading "Orders" >> "List of orders".
If this order does not suit you, if you want a longer duration, or
whether services should not be renewed, you can create an order tailor
in personal space, under "Renewals".

If by cons you do not wish to renew this domain, you can stop receiving reminders by following this link

Be careful, important information:
If you have received a mail from "Domain Registry of America" This is a scam.
For further information, contact us at

Netim Team

Fleche.gif Order this service renewal

1. In the email click on the link which looks like the following one :

2. If the order does not suit you (services you do not want to renew or periods that you want to be longer), you can create your customized order.

See Renew a domain name from your account

3. If the command suits you, click on Order

Fleche.gif Cancel the reminder of this service renewal

You finally have decided not to renew this service but you are still receiving our mail reminder

1. Click on the link which looks like this one :

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