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This tutorial will help you renewing your domain names with Netim.

Two possibilities to renew your domain names :

Fleche.gif Netim is your current registrar

In this case, 2 ways are possible to complete the renewal :

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Fleche.gif Another registrar is managing your domain name

In this case, you can transfer your domain name to Netim.

Depending on the extension, you can get a free year of renewal if you are tranferring your domain names to Netim. After this operation, we will officially become the new registrar and the administrator of the domain name and this, with your hoster guarantee service.

You can continue to use DNS servers of your current hoster for your webmail. Hosting and domain names are separate activities. It is possible to have two different providers for these two services. Netim is providing you with an interface to manage the domain name regardless of who your hoster is.

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Transfer a domain name

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