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PHP 5.6 / 7.+

Ioncube 10+

WHMCS 7+ / 8

Caution, this version is not compatible with API 1.5
Caution, this version requires Ioncube loader v10

Change log for release 2.6.6

Bug fix appeared in 8.0.3 about domain name synchronization job

Change log for release 2.6.4


- Support of the new "TLD Import & Pricing Sync" feature

- Fix of widget not loading in some versions of the PHP / Ioncube loader

NETIM TLD manager

- Fix of the client groups issue. If client groups are defined, the update of the prices of extensions is now done only on the default group (all before the fix)

- Fix of the display and the dynamic calculation of the margin when the base currency is not the Euro

- Addition of the default margin application on the selected extensions. The initial update button becomes "Update with manual prices"

- Addition of prices import from .CSV file

Change log for release 2.6.3

- Another bug fix in contact management if contact details are defined in general settings

Change log for release 2.6.2

- Bug fix in prices loading in NETIM_TLD_MANAGER

- Bug fix in contact management if contact details are defined in general settings

- Replacement of character " by ' in profil information in order to conform API syntax

Change log for release 2.6.1

- Minor bug fix on the synchronization scrypt

- Support of additional domain informations concerning the change of contacts (.SE / .NU / EE)


- Addition of the new setting "Minimum duration".

- Dynamic modification of the margin calculation on active extensions

- Margin below the default margin can be highlighted

- Addition on the entry to display all extensions when adding an extension

- Price updates only affects currently saved domain periods

- Change of the concept of "default margin rate" to "default margin rate on sales price"


  • Review and compatibility test

This single version has been tested to work on all versions of PHP since 5.6

  • Delete function of a domain

The execution of the delete operation has been revised to properly handle the different situations impacting expiration date and status.

  • New addon "netim_tld_manager"

Following numerous requests, we are proud to provide a module addon allowing an effective management of the extensions. In particular:

- View the active extensions, the cost prices, the sale prices and make mass modifications

- Add extensions in 1 click

- Check the settings of the extensions vs the values ​​accepted by NETIM

- View promotions

  • Full support of Latin character set for clients profile, domain holders and contacts information

All the accented characters from LATIN1 / LATIN-EXTA / LATIN-EXTB character sets.

Other character sets such as Cyrillic are still not supported.

  • Support of the "domain_sync" and "transfer_syc" functions

The synchronization of domains, in particular concerning expiration date and status, is now achieved by the internal synchronization feature in WHMCS as well as the synchronization of domain transfers.

The old netimsync.php synchronization script is no longer used.

On the other hand, the new netim_opesync.php script must be used to synchronize asynchronous operations such as pending registrations and pending renewals.

Bug fixes

  • Additional domain fields for .IE

The management of the registration process via the fastpass was incorrect

  • IDN domain management

Registering an IDN domain made the registration of a different domain due to an IDN conversion error


If upgrading from a previous version of the module, please change the sync script in the crontab

If upgrading from a previous version using the API 1.5, please modify the URL of the API in module settings to the value below

if you are still using WHMCS < 6, please contact us

API to be used

The use of this version is required

API 2.0

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