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Allowed Extensions

Here is the list of allowed extensions for each type of monitoring.

Monitoring Type Allowed extensions
WHOIS .at .be .bg .biz .ch .com .comde .cz .de .ee .eu .fi .fr .ie .info .is. it .li .lt .lu .lv .me .mobi .name .net .nl .no .org .pt .re .ro .ru .se .si .sk .tel .tv .ua .uk .xxx
AVAILABLE .biz .com .info .mobi .net .org .tel .xxx
REGISTERED .biz .com .info .mobi .net .org .tel .xxx

Monitoring Types

  • WHOIS monitoring : Every day, a whois extract is done on the domain name. If it differs from the previous extract, then it is saved and you receive an email notification to alert you of the change. This domain name do not have to be in your account, you can follow a domain name of your choice among available extensions.
  • AVAILABLE monitoring : You can follow an existing domain name. Several times a day, we estimate the release date (when the domain becomes available for registration). Then we check constantly his availability so we can notify you, and allow you to re-register it first.
  • REGISTERED monitoring : You can follow a domain name which is not registered yet. The registration is checked daily, you will be notified when the domain name is registered.

Manage Monitored domain names

Log on Netim Direct section "Domains" >> "Monitoring".

Fleche.gif Add a domain name to the monitoring

1.Click on Btn new.gif

2.Add the domain name.

3.Select a type

4.Click on <OK>

Fleche.gif Enable or Disable monitoring for selected domain names

1.Check domain names into the list

2.Click on Ok.png or Ko.png to enable or disable monitoring for selected domain names.

Fleche.gif Delete a domain name from the list of monitoring

1.Check domain names into the list

2.Click on Nav del.gif to delete selected domain names.

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