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This tutorial will help you to change your DNS servers to your hosting provider's servers, or to Netim's servers.

Warning.gif Wrong DNS Name servers can lead to unavailability of your domain name.

Log on Netim Direct section "Domain Services" >> "Domain Management", from here, open the scrolling menu "Domain name management", select "Nameservers management"


The list of DNS servers assigned to the domain name are displayed by default.

  • Select "DNS Servers Netim" to let Netim manage your DNS. This option automatically forwards your DNS to your hosting or your parking if you did not choose our DNS servers.
  • Select "No DNS Server" to make your site unavailable.
  • Select "custom DNS servers" to redirect your domain name towards other servers.


Fleche.gif Changing DNS servers for Netim ones

1. Check the box "Netim nameservers"

2. Click on <OK>

3. An application number is displayed and the button <OK> will also be disabled.

4. When the change will come into effect, you will receive a confirmation email to your email address.

Fleche.gif Disabled nameservers

1. Choose this option if you want to put your site offline.

2. Your website will be unavailable soon.


Fleche.gif Change DNS servers

1. Check the box "custom nameservers"

2. Enter the names of your DNS servers names:

- Minimum two and maximum five

- The servers must be real DNS servers (distributed DNS)

- Mandatory server names

3. Optionally enter the corresponding IP address if the domain name has its own DNS management.

4. Click on <OK>

5. If your entry is correct, an application number will be displayed and the button <Edit> will be disabled.

Fleche.gif Pending change

A request to change the DNS servers can not be performed if another request is being processed at the same time.

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