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This tutorial will show you how to add credit cards and define the priority between your means of payment.

To manage your means of payment, you need to log on Netim Direct and go to "Finances" >> "Means of payment"

Moyen p en.png


Fleche.gif Add a credit card

1. Click on "+ Add a credit card"

2. Select your type of card (we only support Visa, Mastercard or American express)

3. Indicate your card number, its expiration date and the three numbers at the back of the card.

4. Click on 'Save', if your data is correct, the card is registered and you can use it for your future payments, the auto-renewal of your services or to auto-refill the credit on your Netim account.

To manage a mean of payment, click on it and open the scrolling menu "Mean of payment management", you will then have access to the following features.

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Fleche.gif Status change

The status change allows you to enable or disable a mean of payment.

A disabled mean of payment will never be used for any automatic payment.

Note that a mean of payment can be automatically disabled by Netim if an automatic payment fails with the latter.

Fleche.gif Delete

This functionality allows you to delete a mean of payment.

If you have no active mean of payment, the auto-refill feature will be disabled.

Fleche.gif Add a note

This functionality allows you to add a note to the mean of payment. You can type a short text to help you identify the card.

This note will be visible during the order phase on our website, this allows you to assign a specific name to a mean of payment if you have several.

Fleche.gif Manage priority

At the moment you can register up to 5 credit cards on your Netim account.

The priority allows you to define in which order Netim must use the cards to make automatic payments (whether for the auto-renewal or for the auto-refill).

The lowest priority is the priority mean of payment. You can change the priority between your different payment methods using the arrows Fleche-bas.png and Fleche-haut.png.

 Example :
 If I register credit cards and set the following priority :
 1 CB VISA example
 2 CB VISA test
 3 Credit (your balance on your Netim account)
 4 CB MASTERCARD example
 When the auto-renewal of my services will be triggered, Netim will try to collect the amount due on the "CB VISA example" card,
 if the payment fails, Netim will try to collect the "CB VISA test" card,
 if that fails Netim will try to take your credit from Netim,
 etc ...

The priority in your means of payment does not impact the order phase, all means of payment will be available when you place an order on our site.

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