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This tutorial will help you to set up your DNS domain name especially if you want to change your website score, or its subdomain, using a CNAME.

Use case:
- You are using a specific host services which does not support the DNS servers management (Example,,
- You have a dedicated or local web server
Warning.gifThis feature is for experimented users. Please use this feature only if you know what you are doing.

Log on Netim Direct section "Domain Services" >> "Domain Management", from here, open the scrolling menu "Services management", select "DNS Settings"

Above all, please read the following tutorial:

Use the DNS settings service

Fleche.gif Change CNAME records

For example, we will modify the score of the www subdomain using a CNAME.

1. Enter the feature "Advanced DNS"

2. Identify if there is already a record for the subdomain to change and if it is the case, delete it.

(Generally, there is already a type A record).

3. In the Address field, enter the subdomain name

4. In the canonical name field, indicate the new CNAME record value

(Necessarily a name and not an IP)

5. Click on <OK>

6. The new CNAME record is added to the DNS records list

Warning.gif This change causes a new DNS setting and will be effective from 24 to 48 hours.

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