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You chose Netim as service provider and we thank you !

By now, we invite you to read the sections below before using your reseller account in order to understand core aspects

There are 2 Interfaces that are more or less equivalent:

The Web Interface

Available at the following address, it is the same interface than non reseller clients but with build-in features dedicated to resellers


This interface offers the possibility of entering into a dialogue with our technical system. This way a reseller can build a web interface and offer an immediate registration facility for his customers.

We have tried to offer the same features in all interfaces but, due to the specific nature of each system, one system might have some more and/or different features than the other. Otherwise, all the functions that are available in the API can be requested in the Web Interface, so that you can request complex operations manually.

Testing account

As a reseller, you have access to a testing interface that will allow you to try on the API and the reseller interface of NETIM, without having to have been accepted as part of the reseller program yet, you can create your testing account here.


As a reseller you will be responsible for the data you bring into our system. Netim provides the infrastructure but does not act upon the registration data. Our system will only executes the given instructions.

A reseller has full control over its own data and over the data of the domain names it has registered. You will of course not have access to the data registered by another reseller, as another reseller will not have access to your own data or that of your clients.

Reseller settings

Object management

Operation management

Session management

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