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Reseller prices for domain names vary according to our own cost price at registries but also due to exchange rates.

Indeed, we pay the transactions in the currency of each registry. As a result, fluctuations may occur due to changes in the exchange rate in force.

In order to allow the reseller to know and follow up his cost prices, we make available several methods

Prices are in EURO, VAT excluded, excluding premium domains, for each type of operations.

XML file

The file is obtained via an http request by specifying the ID and the password of the reseller account

The result includes one node for each available extension


Notification of changes by email

Under development

Function DomainPriceList with the API

This function returns the pricing of all available extension as an array of StructDomainPriceList

Function DomainTldInfo with the API

This function can be called on a given tld and returns the corresponding pricing

Function QueryDomainPrice with the API

This function can be called on a given domain name and returns the corresponding pricing

It is the only way to know if a domain is premium or not, and its price is standard or not.

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