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See the content of the LITE, START, WEB+, MAIL+ and PREMIUM offers directly on our comparison table.

Warning.gif Warning: the LITE offer is offered and available only if it is associated with a domain name managed by Netim.

To add hosting to your existing domain name, simply follow these steps :

1 - Go to netim direct

2 - Select the domain name on which you wish to add your hosting

3 - Click on "Add hosting service" in the menu "Services management" located on your right.

4 - Select the hosting offer of your choice and the desired duration

5 - Validate and follow the instructions

Warning: If you have not ticked the box I want my domain name to be automatically configured to point at my new hosting (website + emails) This will overwrite your current configuration!, you will have to make sure that your domain name points to it.

1 - Go to netim direct

2 - Select "Shared hosting management" in the "Hosting services" menu on your left.

3 - Select the domain name on which you have added your hosting

4 - Click on "My website management" in the "Services management" menu on your right.

5 - Click on the wheel on the right of your domain name.

6 - Click on "Web auto-configuration" then on "Mail auto-configuration".

==> your domain name and your hosting are configured!

All you have to do now is create your email address ("Email addresses" in the "Services management" menu on the right).

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