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New extensions will be launched through several periods like the sunrise, the landrush and finaly the general availability.

However the sunrise and the landrush have additional fee that can't be setup in WHMCS. Then the pricing defined for an extension matches the fee for the registration during general availability.

With NETIM, a domain registration is done with the function domainCreate. However this function will be closed until the start of the general availability. In case of pre-order, the function domainCreateLP must be used.

By using an additional field as a checkbox, it will be possible to tell the customer that his registration will be done during the general availability and to get his explicit approval.


Activate or insert the following code into the file additionaldomainfields.inc.php of the module

 $additionaldomainfields[".extension"][] = array(
		"Name" => "GA",
		"LangVar" => "generalavailability", 
		"Type" => "tickbox",
		"Description" => "From MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM",
		"Required" => true,

Replace ".extension" by the one you want to resell

Replace "MM/DD/YYYY" by the date of the General Availability and change the text to your liking.

You can also combine several extensions with the same setting if the dates are the same, for example

 $additionaldomainfields[".extension"][] = array(
		"Name" => "GA",
		"LangVar" => "generalavailability", 
		"Type" => "tickbox",
		"Description" => "From MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM",
		"Required" => true,
Once the extension is launched, just comment or remove this code
Our module will process the registration like any other domain
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