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This section is intended for resellers wanting more informations concerning the interaction of WHMCS and our system. We encourage all our users to read this section carefully and take into account all the information described.


Fleche.gif How to track an operation?

Within our domain registration platform, each request is given a unique tracking ID. This number can be used for querying the request status. With WHMCS, requests are done by the module and you don't know these numbers.

This is the reason we are using the field "Subscription ID" for each domain name in order to store this number for initial registrations or transfers. You will be able to track the corresponding operation and your invoices into your Netim Account.


Do NOT update this field, our synchronisation script will be unable to update the statut of the request.

As a reseller, you can monitor all your operations:

- by connecting to our Netim web control panel, section “Resellers” > “Operations"

- you can automatically receive the result by email; you will have to connect to your Netim account, and define in section “Account” > “Reseller settings” your notification email address

Fleche.gif Widgets

Monitoring of account's balance


This widget displays in real time the amount of funds available on your reseller account. The preview in the title allows you to keep it closed.

Monitoring of ongoing operations


This widget displays real-time list of current operations in your reseller account. The Edit icon allows direct access to the domain name's details.

The number of operations is shown in the title so you can keep it closed and see if there is an activity.

Fleche.gif Add-ons

We are currently working on add-ons to synchronize the configuration of extensions, prices, etc.

Fleche.gif WHMCS and Netim API

WHMCS Available Features

WHMCS Implemented Netim API
Change of nameservers Ok.png domainChangeDNS

Asynchronous result / The new nameserver informations will be shown once the operation is done

Registration Ok.png domainCreate

Asynchronous result. The synchronisation script will update domain expiration date and domain status once the operation is done.

Renewal Ok.png domainRenew or domainRestore

Asynchronous result. / The synchronisation script will update domain expiration date once the operation is done

Voluntary Deletion Ok.png domainDelete

Asynchronous result. / The domain name must be manually removed from WHMCS after completion

Registrar Lock / Unlock Ok.png domainSetPreference

Asynchronous result. The new lock information will be shown once the operation is done

Transfer Ok.png domainTransferIn

Asynchronous result. The synchronization script will update domain expiration date and domain status once the operation is done

Contact Info Ok.png domainUpdateOwner

Asynchronous result. The new contact informations will be shown once the the operation is done

EPP Code Ok.png domainAuthID

Asynchronous result. The code will be sent to the registrant's email address

Email forwarding Ok.png domainMailFwdCreate / domainMailFwdDelete

Updates are performed in realtime

DNS Record management Ok.png domainWebFwdCreate / domainWebFwdDelete / domainZoneCreate / domainZoneDelete

Updates are performed in realtime

Protection ID Ko.png Not provided by Netim
Name servers Management Ok.png hostCreate / hostDelete

Synchronous result / Real-time update

Name server IP address update Ko.png Not provided by Netim

Not implemented functions

Below the table of functionalities that must be performed manually into Netim

Actions Netim
Release to Netim Use the domainRelease function then delete the domain name in WHMCS
Change of registrant Use the domainTransferOwner function, WHMCS won't be updated
Transfer with change of registrant Use the domainTransferTrade function then add manually the domain name to WHMCS
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