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The following tutorial will help you to set your domain name DNS.

Warning.gif This feature is reserved for experimented users. Wrong settings can lead to domain unavailability. Set this feature only if you know what you are doing. Any changes done will be effective after a few hours.

Log on Netim Direct section "Domain Names" >> "Domain Management", from here, open the scrolling menu "Services management", select "DNS settings"



Fleche.gif Reset settings

You can reset the configuration of the DNS with the default configuration on our servers.

1. Choose default in "Templates" and click <Apply>

2. Chart of DNS records is updated

3. The changes will be reflected in a few hours


Fleche.gif Add New DNS record

1. Select the type of record in the list and click <Add>

2. A form appears.

Continue with following tutorials:

Manage A-records

Manage CNAME records

Manage MX records

Manage TXT records

Fleche.gif Delete a DNS record

1. Select the record you want to delete by checking the appropriate box.

2. Click on <Remove>

3. Confirm your choice.

4. The recordings disappear from the table.

5. Changes will be effective in a few hours.

Fleche.gif Manage SOA records

Continue with following tutorial:

Manage SOA settings

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