Use external DNS name servers as slaves

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Why would you use external name servers?

For any domain name managed by NETIM , we provide a set of DNS servers respondents to the main standards and best practices: the use of multiple physical locations, multiple ISPs, multiple networks, etc. The robustness of the DNS system is mainly based on this redundancy, we make every effort to provide maximum availability to our DNS service without being able to guarantee a rate of 100% availability.

To strengthen this redundancy and keep your domain name functional, if our DNS service had to be faulty, you have the option to use additional DNS servers in slave mode. These can be your own servers of provided by specialized providers..

Possible combinations

In the DNS management for your domain, you can specify up to 5 DNS name servers

By default, NETIM offers the following (master) (slave) (slave)

So you can add 2 external slaves (master) (slave) (slave)
serveur esclave4 (slave)
serveur esclave5 (slave)

or you can use 4 external name servers as slaves : (master)
serveur esclave2 (esclave)
serveur esclave3 (esclave)
serveur esclave4 (esclave)
serveur esclave5 (esclave)


- it is recommended to keep at least one slave name server from Netim

- it is mandatory to keep our master name server

DNS Configuration

For each of your domain name's DNS zone, you must specify that :

- the IP address of the master is's one (contact us to know its IP address)
- zone transfer is allowed from the same IP (for bind via the instruction allow-transfer)

When you change the DNS name servers of your domain:

- NS records will be automatically set in our primary name servers
- Zone transfer will be automatically authorized to your slave DNS servers

How to check the DNS configuration

You can use our tool to verify that the configuration is correct across all servers (including serial numbers, NS records, etc.)

If you use your own external servers, you can verify that zone transfer is well done in your logs.

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