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The transfer-in + change of owner, also called 'Transfer-trade' is available for some extensions.


Transfer-trade via our website

It is not possible to order this online on our website. Please contact us so that we prepare an order manually

Transfer-trade via API

By using the API, a domain registration is requested with the function domainTransferTrade.

The function requires the following parameters:

Format Variable Description Notes
string (32) idSession identifier of the session
string (255) domain domain name to be transferred
string (8) idOwner identifier of the owner contact with "isOwner=1"
string (8) idAdmin identifier of the administrative contact with "isOwner=0"
string (8) idTech identifier of the technical contact with "isOwner=0"
string (8) idBilling identifier of the billing contact with "isOwner=0"
string (255) ns1 DNS name server 1
string (255) ns2 DNS name server 2
string (255) ns3 DNS name server 3
string (255) ns4 DNS name server 4
string (255) ns5 DNS name server 5
int duration duration of registration in years

Semantic rules

Registration rules are different according to the Tlds. See procedure, restrictions and rules Category:Tld

Restrictions may apply and / or additional information may be necessary for the owner
Restrictions may apply and / or additional information may be necessary for other contacts
2 nameservers can be required and, sometimes, a successfull zonecheck is needed before the registration
The registration period can vary

Whatever the process used to register a domain name, the Reseller should know the semantic rules of the extension

When you call the domainTransferTrade function, the API checks only if the mandatory fields are provided. We check the semantic rules only when the operation is processed, given that we perform the needed verification before requesting the registration to the registry.

Basic steps to do a Transfer-trade via API

1) For the extension to be registered, check the semantic rules of the domainCreate function and the possible values to determine:

 The number of required nameservers and if there is a DNS test
 The range for the duration
 Any restrictions on the owner or contacts
 Any required additional fields  

2) If a zonecheck is required, ensure that the new domain name is installed onto its nameservers according to the technical rules of the registry.

We provide an online tool to test this:

3) Create a contact for the owner (Field "isOwner" = 1) and provide the needed additional fields corresponding to the semantics rules.

Remember that a contact owner can be used only for one domain name.

4) Possibly create a contact for administrative / technical / billing contacts if necessary (Field "isOwner" = 0).

You can use your Reseller account handle

5) Request the registration, by using the domainTransferTrade function

The API will perform a first check to see if all provided datas are OK (contacts are existing and are belonging to you, nameservers are existing, and so on...)

You receive a tracking number for the request and you can now follow its status

6) Netim makes the domain registration according to the registry's procedure. Therefore different actions may be necessary as the provision of identification documents or forms

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