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A test platform, aka OTE (Operational Test Environment), is provided to allow you to familiarize yourself with the API and test its integration into your system.

This environment is a copy of the production platform or a future version of the API before being put into production. Instead of connecting to our Registrar accounts, it connects with our correspondent OTE accounts. And the platform is an exact replica of our backoffice and interactions with Registries.

Fleche.gif Conditions of access

The platform is separated from the production, so you must have a test account. Just like your production account, you must Sign-up on our website.

Therefore you receive a new ID specifically on OTE platform.

The address of the file depends on the version, please check release notes to know current OTE WSDL.

Fleche.gif Restrictions

As mentioned at the beginning of this page, the OTE platform uses our OTE accounts with Registries.Unfortunately, some restrictions are imposed:

  • The domain names are actually registered with the registry but in test mode => They do not work in real.
  • All Registries are not automated and therefore do not provide accounts OTE => these extensions are not available
  • Complex Operations such as domainTransferIn and domainTransferTrade require two OTE accounts => these operations are closed
  • Some operations requires a successfull DNS test (zonecheck) even in test mode => you must install your test domains on your real DNS servers
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