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This objects stores the result of a domainInfo

Format Variable Description Notes
string (255) domain Domain name queried
string dateCreate Registration date YYYY-MM-DD
string dateExpiration Expiration date YYYY-MM-DD
string dateMinRenew Minimum date before the next renewal YYYY-MM-DD
string dateMaxRenew Maximum renewal date before the deletion YYYY-MM-DD
string dateMaxRestore Maximum restoration date YYYY-MM-DD
string status Current status
string (8) idOwner ID of the owner
string (8) idAdmin ID of the administrative contact
string (8) idTech ID of the technical contact
string (8) idBilling ID of the billing contact
int(1) domainIsLock Is the domain locked against transfers ? 0 or 1
int(1) maskedWhois Is the owner masked into the whois ? 0 or 1
int(1) autoRenew Is the domain name autorenewed ? 0 or 1
ArrayOfString ns List of nameservers
int(1) IsSigned Is the domain name signed with DNSSEC ? 0 ou 1
string (64) authID Authorization code to transfer the domain name to another registrar

Notes about domain statuses

Status value Description
PENDING The registration or registrar transfer is pending
ACTIVE, NOT DELEGATED The domain name is active but not published in DNS. Maybe no nameservers defined.
ACTIVE, DELEGATED The domain name is active and published in DNS. Everything is fine.
RESERVED, NOT DELEGATED The domain name is reserved (registered but not activated yet). This status occurs when an activation is needed by the registrant
EXPIRED The domain name is expired but still functional
EXPIRED, HOLD, NOT DELEGATED The domain name is expired and not published in DNS
QUARANTINE, NOT DELEGATED The domain is deleted and in redemption/quarantine status
HOLD, NOT DELEGATED The domain name is inactive due to registrar hold or registry hold
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