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This tutorial will help you to create your email account with an Iphone / Ipad.

[edit] Fleche.gif Account Creation

We will now create your account to fetch your mail on an Iphone / Ipad.

1. Select 'Settings' >> 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' >> 'Add Account...'


2. In the screen 'Add Account...', choose 'Other', then click 'Add Mail Account'

3. Set your name, the mailbox to be created and its password.


4. Follow the chart below to set your ingoing and outgoing mail servers:

Hosting type Settings for the incoming mail server Settings for the outgoing mail server
You have a WEB hosting (PLESK)
  • pop.yourdomaine or imap.yourdomaine
  • NON-SSL connection
  • your ISP's one or
  • User name: the one provided in the SMTP activation email, e.g
  • Password: the one provided in the SMTP activation email
You have an EMAIL hosting (SPAMORA)
  • User name and password : Use the same settings as incoming mail server ones


5. The iphone/ipad will try to connect to the servers in SSL, disable it when prompted.

6. You get to the summary screen.

7. Click 'Save' and it is done!

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