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How can you be sure that the email you received is from Netim ?

Netim is sometimes victim of phishing attempts. Here are some tips to help you detect these scams.


Phishing ?

“Phishing” is a type of online scamming. Someone will send you an email pretending to be Netim with an alarmist subject: renewal reminder, missing personal information, updating your payment method, etc.

The hacker invites you to follow a link to a website as close as possible to reality in order to enter your personal data. Once the data intercepted, he has the freedom to use it however he wishes.

How to recognize a fake email ?

There is no exact science. Nevertheless, here are 3 points that you can easily have control upon.

The sender

You can check that the "Name/Surname" displayed by your mailing software is in line with Netim.

In the example below, you can see that the email is announced as coming from “Support Netim” while the email address is completely different: “”. Such dissonance is, of course, suspect.


Warning.gif You will always be contacted by Netim with an « » email address.

External links

Here, the links in the email’s body are the center of the scam. The fraudster will want to redirect you to his site apparently similar to Netim’s.

In the example below, when placing the mouse over the link, there is a difference between the link displayed in the message ( and the link displayed in the mailing software (

Generally, always prefer to sing in independently to your Netim account rather than follow a link in the body of any email.


Warning.gif Check the concordance between the hyperlink in the body of the email and the final URL destination
Links to Netim will always have as the domain name

BEWARE of sub-domains!
In the following example “” is still a fake address. here is a sub-domain of !

Secure connections

Secure connections (https) are the new standard for companies. Some of these standards are more or less easy to obtain, so they are not systematically a guarantee of authenticity. Remember that a lack of secure connection is, in most cases, synonymous with malice.

 Warning.gif Netim will  systematically refer you to his website with a secure connection

In addition, our platforms are all certified with "Extended Validation". It is then possible to visualize the holder of the website through the SSL certificate.

Depending on the internet browser used, click on the padlock to get this information

Phishing ssl Netim en.jpg

Warning.gif Check the holder of the security certificate.
It must be valid, issued / verified by Sectigo and indicate NETIM in Lille in France

Did you enter you personal information on a fake website ?

What if you have already accidentally clicked on the link in the phishing email and entered your personal information ?

Don't panic:

- Log in to your customer account and change your password immediately.

- Check your account information and make sure nothing has changed.

- Contact our support department for any questions

Report a phishing attempt

You have received an email pretending to be Netim?

We need your feedback to identify the attempts.

Send the information by contacting our support department

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