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This tutorial will help you to pay your orders on France DNS

You can get your orders through many ways :

  • From our website during the purchase process, transfer or during the renewal.
  • fromYour account, by creating a renewal order.
  • fromYour account, order an ownership change.
  • fromYour account, section "Orders" >> "List of orders" after clicking on Cart.png

Here is an order example :

The order form can be defined in 4 major sections:

- Billing information.

- The table of ordered services and products.

- Discounts and other assets.

- The acceptance of contracts.



Fleche.gif Apply a discount code

If you have a discount code that can be applied on products from the command, you can :

1. Enter the discount code in the 'Your discount code'

2. Click on 'Apply'

3. If the code is valid, the order amount is calculated again.

4. To cancel the discount code, click on 'Cancel'

Fleche.gif Use a credit

If your account show positive balance (According the cancellation of an order, a double payment, etc.), you can choose to deduct all or part you have:

1. The "credit" default is filled with the maximum amount that can be used

( All you have if it is less than the amount of the order)

2. Click on 'Apply'

3. The order amount is recalculated.

4. To cancel the use of your credit, click on 'Cancel'

Fleche.gif Place Order

Acceptance of general conditions are required to order.

1. Read general conditions and special conditions.

2. Check all contracts.

3. Click on 'Order'

Fleche.gif Choose a payment method

According your country different ways of payment are available. You can choose one of the following:

Continue with following tutorials:

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Pay by administrative mandate

Pay by Paypal

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