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This tutorial will help you to order a owner change.

Log on Your Account section "Domain Names" >> "Domain Management", from here, open the scrolling menu "Domain name management", select "Change of ownership"


Warning.gif The handover is not free of charge, in case of minimal modification on the owner (like spelling mistake), contact our sales department (sales@netim.com), free solutions can be found regarding the extension.

The modification is ordered for only one domain name. For multiple domains, please contact our sales department (sales@netim.com)

Fleche.gif Order the change of ownership

1. Enter new informations which must be accurate and complete. These new informations will officially define the new owner as displayed in the Whois domain name.

2. Click on "i" to get more informations about the relevant data.

3. Click on <Order>, an order form will be created in a new screen.

4. Netim will process the modification on the Owner following procedures which are established by the registry. These procedures depends on the extension. Contact our sales department if you need more information.

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