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PHP 5.6 / 7

Release (2018-03-18): Update of additional fields for .IE


  • Synchronous processing of requests thanks to our API 2.0

All operations are processed synchronously by default, returning an immediate result (OK, KO or PENDING)

Warning, this version is not compatible with API 1.5

  • Rewrite of the definition of additional domain fields following the switch to API 2.0

  • New functions PostRegisterDomain et PostTransferDomain

These two functions are respectively called after the validation of the registration and the transfer of a domain.

The reseller can, in these functions defined in, write his own code to finalize the processing according to his needs.

  • Changes in default contact management

In the global setting of domain names, if "Use Clients Details" is ticked, the module will use client's details for creating the domain contact.

If "User Clients Details" is not ticked, the module will use for the contacts the information as follow:

- The contact information provided if the first and last name are filled in,

- Otherwise the contact ID defined in the configuration file with variable $netim_default_contact_id

- Otherwise the reseller ID

  • Support of parameter "Create To-Do List Entries" in global domain names settings

The old setting in the module's configuration file is deleted.

  • Support of parameters ("Sync Next Due Date" / "Domain Sync Notify Only") in global domain names settings

When synchronizing a domain, the defined values are taken into account.

  • Support of the whois privacy feature since its last improvement.

Bug fixes

  • Convertion of phone numbers to international format

The first digit is no longer removed systematically. Only the leading zero of local numbers.

  • Global review and minors changes


A fresh installation is required

API to be used

The use of this version is required

API 2.0

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