Modify administrative / technical / billing contacts

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This tutorial will help you to modify technical / administrative / billing contacts.

Log on Your Account section "Domain Names" >> "Domain Management", from here, open the scrolling menu "Domain name management", select "Contacts Management"


Fleche.gif Pending change

A change request can not be performed if another request is being processed at the same time.

Fleche.gif Set an administrative or technical or billing contact

A contact is an handle with rights on a domain name according to his assignment as administrative, technical or billing contact. The same handle may be assigned to several domains and be the adminstrative and billing contact at the same time.

1. Uncheck the box "Use the X identifier for all contacts", if it is checked in order to have access to the modified input

2. Add in the "Administrative Contact" or "Technical Contact" or "Billing Contact" an already existing handle, or click on to create a new handle (follow "Create a new user ID")

3. The desired handle is now registered for the selected type of contact

4. Click <OK>

5. If your entry is correct, an application number will be displayed and the button <OK> is disabled


6. You will receive within 5 minutes a conformation email concerning the field change

Fleche.gif Set your connection handle for all contacts

1. Check the box " Use the handle X for all contacts", where X is your login

2. Click on <OK>

3. An application number will be displayed and the button <OK> will be disabled

4. You will receive within 5 minutes a confirmation mail about domain name changes.

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