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'''Lastest Stable Release'''
'''Lastest Stable Release'''
[[WHMCS-2.3]] for WHMCS 5.x and 6.x
[ NETIM-WHMCS-2.4] for WHMCS 6.x and 7.x
WHMCS-2.4 for WHMCS 7.x (coming soon)
'''Release notes'''
'''Older Releases'''
[ WHMCS-2.23] for WHMCS > 6.0
[ WHMCS-2.22] for WHMCS > 6.0
[ WHMCS-2.21] for WHMCS > 6.0
[[WHMCS-2.12]] for WHMCS 5.X
'''Next step:'''
[[Install NETIM Registrar Module]]
== [[File:Fleche.gif|link=]] A new release of WHMCS is available, what to do? ==
Backward compatibility is generally always kept so you can upgrade without fear your WHMCS to the new version.
1. Always proceed with a backup of WHMCS directory
2A. If you perform a fresh full installation, you will need to reinstall the module
2B. If you perform a full installation over the existing one or an incremental upgrade, re-apply the changes into the files which could have been replaced by the new version
- additionaldomainfields.php
- whoisservers.php
== [[File:Fleche.gif|link=]] A new release of our module is available, what to do ? ==
== [[File:Fleche.gif|link=]] A new release of our module is available, what to do ? ==

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Lastest Stable Release

NETIM-WHMCS-2.4 for WHMCS 6.x and 7.x

Release notes



Fleche.gif A new release of our module is available, what to do ?

1. Follow the installation procedure

2. Learn more about the new features and apply the new settings if necessary

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