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This tutorial will help you to modify the owner's information

Log on Your Account section "Domain Names" >> "Domain Management", from here, open the scrolling menu "Domain name management", select "Update of owner's detail"

Warning.gif These modifications do not allow you to change the name, the surname and the company.


Fleche.gif Pending change

A change request can not be performed if another request is being processed at the same time.

Fleche.gif Edit owner's information

According the domain name extension, you can edit the information displayed in "Details".

1. Informations must be accurate and complete. These new informations will become the official email and address of the owner, visible in the Whois of the domain name.

2. Click on any for more information about the corresponding data input.

3. Click on <OK>.

4. If your entry is correct, an application number will be displayed and the button <OK> will be disabled.

5. You will receive within 5 minutes a confirmation email about the owner's informations update.


Fleche.gif Order a change of owner

If you wish to modify entirely the domain name's owner, follow this tutorial :

Order a change of owner

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