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[[:Category:Tld | Extensions informations]]
[[:Category:Tld | Extensions informations]]
[[New_generic_domains | Registration of new gTlds]]
Follow our announcements to find the daily changes : rules, prices, new extensions!
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[[Domain name management]]
[[Domain name management]]
[[Cost prices follow up]]
== To go further ==
== To go further ==
[[WRDP Procedure]]
[[Setup the white label]]
[[IDN notes]]
[[IDN notes]]

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Each extension has its own allocation and operating rules

Extensions informations

Registration of new gTlds

[edit] Daily

Availability check

Domain name registration

Transfer-in (change of Registrar)

Transfer of ownership

Transfer-in with change of owner

Renewal / Restoration of a domain name

Domain name management

Cost prices follow up

[edit] To go further

Setup the white label

IDN notes

Release a domain name

Trustee service

Local presence service

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