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This tutorial will help you issuing your SSL certificate with Netim, you have chosen which SSL certificate you need, and are ready to buy (check Certificate types for more information).

Standard SSL, Wildcard SSL

After adding this certificate to your cart and having chosen the the validity duration of the certificate you can proceed to order.

You will need an account, if you don't have one you will have to create one, you will automatically be logged in.

Once logged in, a Certificate Signing Request(CSR)will be required, a CSR is a line of code that contains information such as your organization’s name, your domain name, and your location, and is filled out and submitted to a certificate authority (in NETIM's case, Comodo), il also contains the public key that will be included in your certificate.

In the case of a WildCard SSL, every subdomain of the domain name you will provide will be protected.

You have two choices regarding the CSR :

- Submit your own

- Let NETIM issue one by providing needed information

Then, an agreement from the owner of the domain name must be sent to the certificate authority.

Here again you have two options :

- Validation through file, meaning that a file will have to be created on the hosting, the authority will check its presence and confirm the request

-Validation through e-mail, an email containing a validation link will be sent to the owner of the domain name, you will have to chose between a selection of email adresses depending on the domain name provided in the CSR.

Once all of this is done, you only have to confirm your order and the SSL certificate will be created.

Multi domain SSL

In the case of a Multi Domain SSL certificate, you will first have to chose how many domain names you want to see covered by your multi domain certificate, before adding this certificate to your cart, and having chosen the the validity duration of the certificate you can proceed to order.

From then on, the process is the same as for a standart SSL certificate.

Careful : Upon issuing the CSR, the common name is your main domain name, and will not be editable after validating your order; all the other domain names you will provide will be editable at any moment in the future, and you don't have to provide all of them.

(Example : you can order a certificate that protects up to 5 domain names and only provide 3, you will be able to add 2 more when you want.)

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