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NETIM does not currently sell this type of certificates.
NETIM does not currently sell this type of certificates.
Information available on the Mozilla browser for a website with a OV certificate
=== EV: Certificates with Extended Validation ===
=== EV: Certificates with Extended Validation ===

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The different types of certificates

If there are different validation levels for SSL certificates, there are also different types of certificates that define which URL address(es) will be protected: a single domain name, a domain name and its subdomains or multiple domain names.

Single domain (Validation levels: DV, OV and EV)

A "single domain" certificate allows to secure one domain name. If you only have a website without subdomains containing input forms, this type of certificate is adequate. Example :

Wildcard: unlimited subdomains (Validation levels: DV and OV)

A Wildcard certificate allows to secure a domain name and all its subdomains. If your website contains forms on several of your subdomains, this type of certificate allows you to secure your entire website. Example :,

Multi-domains: multiple domain names (Validation levels: DV, OV and EV)

Multi-domain certificates or Server Alternative Name (SAN) are used to secure multiple domain names. If you have different websites this is the simplest option as you use only one certificate. Example :,

The different validation levels

Most of Internet users do not question certificates details as long as they see the https mention. However, for the website owner these different validation levels require quite different procedures.

DV: domain validation

DV certificates are the fastest to install. To get one you only have to prove that you are the domain name owner through a verification email. It is the most widespread certificate as it is the fastest and most economical to install.

OV: validation of the organization

OV certificates require the legal existence of the applicant as owner of the site. They may take several days to be issued due to the documents required. This type of certificate connects the domain name to the company that owns it, the user can therefore verify that the site is the company one.

NETIM does not currently sell this type of certificates.

EV: Certificates with Extended Validation

This type of certificate has the highest validation level as it requires a complete organization verification as well as other documents such as address, phone number, etc.

It allows the display of the company name in the green bar of the URL, which enhances the user's sense of security. Certificates with extended validation are perceived as the benchmark for safety. They are often used by worldwide site wishing to offer the best protection for their customers but also certify their identity to the highest level of recognition.

Information available on the Mozilla browser for a website with a EV certificate

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